ESS Showcase in Tirana

On May 31, SCiDEV and the University of Tirana (UT) co-organized a virtual event for showcasing three short research projects, carried out with data from the various rounds of the European Social Survey. These included:

  • Gender and age differences in the exploration of the relationship between the emotional dimension (MPS), physical activity and the perception of self by Dr. Esmeralda Ismaili, Barleti University
  • The effect of gender on the perceptions of the impact of migration on the economy of the destination country by Dr. Nevila Çinaj, Aleksandër Moisiu University
  • Trust in the police by Ms. Silvana Doçi, University of Tirana.

The event, held in Albanian, was livestreamed and was open to all participants. After the presentations, the panel welcomed questions and comments from the audience. This also provided the opportunity to reflect on the training for the ESS data use, held earlier in May, during which the three research projects were developed.

The recording of the event is available here.