Upcoming online event: Open Access Initiatives in Europe and Western Balkans

CREDI, a member of the Western Balkans European Social Survey Network (WBESS) and one of only a few research infrastructures in the region, will host an online event about Open Access Initiatives in Europe and Western Balkans, on 26th January 2021, (1:00 pm – 2:30 pm CET).

The focus of the event will be presentation and discussion about open access initiatives that CREDI is currently member of, and potential benefits of cooperation of the WBESS network with these initiatives.

European Research Infrastructures are now expected to align with the open science principles, as well as Horizon 2020 funded projects. For example, OpenAire as Horizon2020 project make the open access as the core element of the project, now a legal entity, with the mission to shift scholarly communication towards openness and transparency and facilitate innovative ways to communicate and monitor research. CREDI supports and incorporates open access to its resources since its foundation, including access to data, software and training. To follow all developments related to the social science research community, CREDI became a partner of two ERICs, namely ESS-ERIC and CESSDA-ERIC. CREDI is also a regular member of OpenAIRE. Together with the members of these European networks, CREDI is working on promoting, as well as adapting national frames for application of openness in sharing data, knowledge and resources for social science research purposes in the Western Balkans.

After all these activities that CREDI completed in the previous period, CREDI recently joined the new regional initiative launched by the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC). The initiative Network of Open Access Research Infrastructure in the Western Balkans recognised CREDI as the potential member from Bosnia and Herzegovina and invited us to join their support program in period June-October 2020. During the technical assistance provided by RCC in this period, CREDI developed Open Access to Research Infrastructure Policy (OAP). The policy aims to allow a broader research community in the field of social sciences to use our infrastructure. Principles of open access were already included to different degrees in other policies developed at the level of CREDI departments. This policy expended it to all resources and services designed under CREDI.

Here you can find the event’s agenda.

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