How Serbians and Montenegrins feel about EU membership?

The latest ESS survey conducted in 2018 in twenty-six countries reveals the level of support for the EU membership in twenty-two EU member states and four non-EU members (including Montenegro and Serbia).

The question on how people would vote in a referendum on EU membership was included in Round 8 for the first time and has been repeated in Round 9 when Serbia and Montenegro participated as Guest Countries.





















       Source: CNN


Even though the majority in both Montenegro and Serbia are for joining, data indicate significantly higher support for the EU in the former than in the latter (76,6% in Montenegro compared to 55,2% in Serbia).

It is also interesting to notice that Serbia and the UK are Europhobic / Europhilic to almost equal extent.

Also, of the 19 countries that participated in both the latest and previous ESS, all EU member states saw support for EU membership rise.

The article was originally published by BBC: